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Custom Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Box (Satin wood)

High-end custom jewlery box

For Sale


Description: With an interior of Spanish Cedar and Mahogany, this jewelry box combines form and function to make a stunning piece of art. It has compartments for earrings, rings and small jewelry, bracelets, bangles, watches, chain necklaces, and pendants, plus a large mirror.

We also integrated silvercloth fabric into the box interior which prevents tarnishing of your jewelry.

The entire piece is veneered with a 1/16 sawcut veneer. The finish is a traditional handrubbed French Polish which gives this piece an elegant high-gloss look with vibrant colors. Overall this piece is very well constructed and built to last for generations with the right care.

Wood: Rio Rosewood, Yellow Satinwood,
Red Satinwood

Finish: French Polish


Length: 15 in       Width: 11.5 in        Height: 9 in






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