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Custom Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Box (Art Deco)

High-end custom jewlery box



Description:This Art Deco style jewelry box with an interior of Mahogany, this jewelry box combines form and function to make a stunning piece of art. It has compartments for earrings, rings and small jewelry, bracelets, bangles, watches, chain necklaces, and pendants, plus a large mirror.

In addition the box has several secret compartments for hiding the key and other valuables and we integrated silvercloth fabric into the box interior which prevents tarnishing of your jewelry.

The entire piece is veneered with a 1/16 walnut and maple burl saw cut veneer. The finish is a traditional hand rubbed French Polish which gives this piece an elegant high-gloss look with vibrant colors. Overall this piece is very well constructed and built to last for generations with the right care.

Wood: Maple Burl, American Walnut, Mahogany

Finish: French Polish


Length: 15 in       Width: 12 in        Height: 9.5 in






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