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12 Feet Extendable Dining Table in Walnut
Oval Dining Table with glass top
12 Feet Extendable Dining Table in Walnut
12 Feet Extendable Dining Table in Walnut
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Beautiful oval dining table

Description: The whole construction of the table is made from solid walnut. The bronze colored glass top is surounded by a wooden ring that is veneered with a 1/16 European walnut sawcut veneer. The ebonized mirroring wooden ball is the center piece of this light elegant side table. The finish is a traditional handrubbed French Polish which gives this piece an elegant high-gloss look with vibrant colors. Overall this piece is very well constructed and built to last for generations with the right care.

Materials: Walnut, Maple, Bronze Glass

Finish: French Polish


Length: 22"      Width: 22"       Height: 25"





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